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Pythagoras Records is seeking collaborative work from artists, writers, and musicians for future issues. Specific requirements of the work are as follows.

MUSIC: 2-6 minutes of mastered music submitted as a 24 bit .WAV file. Music will be included with the magazine as a flexi disc insert.

ART: 3 images .TIFF files with a minimum 300 dpi in black and white or colour. These will be printed on three 8.5x11 pages in a portrait layout.

WORDS: 300-900 words in a .DOC file, to be printed on three 8.5x11 pages. Please include any relevant formatting notes in the email accompanying the submission.

Submitters are encouraged to form their own collaborative groups, or query us to be placed with a group. In our selection process we prefer work that is experimental and transportive: the heavy, the noisy, the droning, the visceral, the weird. We value escapism as much as a daunting intellectual challenge. While we hope to see truly collaborative submissions, our format needn't be limited to illustrated short stories. Explore the variety of ways that words, art, and music can be linked conceptually.

We value diversity and equality in the arts, and special consideration is given to submissions that reflect that value.


Remuneration details:

Contributors to each issue will receive 10 free copies per person (10 per band member, etc.) with an option to buy more copies at cost. Net sales of each issue will be divided a third to each of the components of the issue (33.3% to the band, etc.). Subscription sales will be reinvested in the magazine.

Our accounting will be open to contributors with any questions.


Please familiarize yourself with our content before submitting. Submissions that do not meet the guidelines may not receive responses. Please do not submit work that has been previously published online, in print, or in other physical audio format. We reserve the right to publish any submitted work in our limited edition print and vinyl format, and to stream audio content for promotional purposes.