What is this?

Pythagoras records is an 8.5 x 11 folio magazine with a 7" vinyl flexi-disc insert. Every issue contains visual art and writing that accompany the music on the flexi disc. The format is designed to offer a multi-media experience that requires collaboration across artistic disciplines. Our first release is science fiction; the second is related pre-linguistic ideas. The magazine is printed on felt cardstock which has many benefits. It's tactile, archival, and stiff enough to protect the disc inside. Flexi-disc technology has a come a long way since National Geographic presented the sounds of the humpback whale. Stored in the plastic sleeve among your full-size LPs, our format is as archival as typical vinyl.

Where is it made?

Production is very complicated. Contributors can work together from anywhere in the world; once the music is mastered, the flexi-disc is manufactured in the Czech Republic; and once the written and visual content is finalized and laid out, the magazine is printed in our hometown of Vancouver by our favourite printer Maranda. Because the process requires so many people to work together, it can take a long time. But we think it's worth the wait.

Where do I buy it?

We love our Vancouver retailers: Dandelion Emporium, Red Cat Records, Anti-Social Skateshop, Or Gallery Bookstore, Paper Hound Books, and Selectors' Records. International distribution is pending, but we ship worldwide in protective packaging with guaranteed delivery. $25 CAD includes shipping and handling. $70 CAD buys a three issue subscription.

How can I contribute?

First of all, check out our submission guidelines, and try to familiarize yourself with our existing content. The best way to get your work published is to put a group together and submit all three components of the issue together. But we also love to see unaccompanied work. If you want to send writing, art, or music on its own we're happy to check it out and respond. If your content works for us, we'll try to fit it with other contributors and eventually put it out as a new issue.

How can I contact you?

Send inquiries and submissions to info@pythagorasrecords.com or regular mail to:

75 E8th Ave
suite 204
Vancouver, BC