Kensington Gore in Seattle's Monarch Review

"Stephen Wood is a Vancouver-based musician who spent a good portion of this new century, as well as the end of the last, leading a band called the Battles, which he later renamed Giantess (for more on the Battles/Giantess – grab a comfy seat and read this). Wood also served as a sideman, playing guitar in the classic, pre-Merge Destroyer lineup that gave the world City of Daughters, Thief and Streethawk: A Seduction. His latest project, which serves as the jumping off point for this interview, is an instrumental duo called Kensington Gore (named after the famed recipe for fake blood used in classic Hammer horror movies). The eponymous debut Kensington Gore album came out in 2014 on digital and vinyl and is ace."

Jon Rooney from his interview with Steve for Seattle's Monarch Review